Name and CycleThesis Title and Supervisor
Luca Dolfi
Cycle: XXVI (2011)
Cell dynamics during killifish embryos development and diapause
Luca Pandolfini
Cycle: XXVI (2011)
Epigenetic control of embryonic stem cell priming
Teresa De Nadai
Cycle: XXV (2010)
Precursor and mature Nerve Growth Factor trafficking in neurons through a novel site specific labelling strategy (2015)
Supervisor: Antonino Cattaneo
Roberto Ripa
Cycle: XXVI (2011)
MicroRNA miR-29 controls a compensatory response to limit neuronal iron
accumulation during adult life and aging (2016)
Supervisor: Alessandro Cellerino
Claudia Alia
Cycle: XXVII (2012)
Studying and modulating post-stroke neuroplasticity to improve motor recovery (2016)
Supervisor: Matteo Caleo
Michele Chirichella
Cycle: XXVII (2012)
Targeting the Post-Translational Proteome with
Intrabodies (2016)
Supervisor: Antonino Cattaneo