Evaluation of Application


Each admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant.

Candidates’ level of competence, talent, motivations and aptitudes to scientific research will be assessed on the basis of:

  • their qualifications
  • research project proposal
  • interview
Candidates are admitted to the interview on the basis of the evaluation of their qualifications and of the research project written preferably in English.
Some suggestions concerning the Research Project:

The research project proposed must reveal candidates’ scientific interests and their cohesion with the PhD Program scientific lines. The project proposed with  the application will not be a determining factor in the students’ later choice of the PhD thesis but it is mainly important for the evaluation of candidate: it has to demonstrate candidates’ full awareness of the state of the art in the area and his mastery of the research methods within the discipline.

Suggested length: about 20.000 characters

Write a well-structured research project and think to include an adequate bibliography!

For any further information, prior to the formal application, candidates are invited to contact the PhD Program Coordinator through this e-mail address director.bio@sns.it
Admission timetable

Timetable and notification decisions relating the admission to the interview will be published on institutional web site.

Starting of courses: November 1st, each year.

List of admitted candidates and the score obtained will be published online on the School website.

Frequently asked question:
If admitted to the Interview, do I have to come in Pisa? Can I have a reimbursement of travel expenses?

Foreign candidate can hold their interview through any standard internet video-conference tool (skype, hangout, etc…) which can allow candidate’s identification, nevertheless candidates are strongly invited to travel to Pisa for their interview. Candidates who will come in Pisa for their interview can ask for a reimbursement  of travel expenses over 50 euros and up to a maximum of 350 euros, for candidates coming from Italy, and up to a maximum of 700 euros, for candidates coming from other countries. More info are available here

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