Lab Meeting 2014

Wensday 28th May 2014

12:00 Eva Terzibasi “AIRC Project MFAG 2011: Nothobranchius furzeri as a model for age-dependent tumorigenesis ______________________________________________________________________________ 

Wensday 9th April 2014

10:00 Nicola Maria Carucci The contribution of early astrocytic atrophy and Synaptic Impairment to neurodegeneration in anti-Nerve Growth Factor mice


10:30 Caterina Rizzi Role of Nerve Growth Factor in microglia cells: relevance for Alzheimer’s disease ;


11:00 Roberto Ripa Potential regulatory role of mir-29 family in iron homeostasis during aging ______________________________________________________________________________ 

Wensday 26th March 2014

15:00 Michele Chirichella Intracellular Antibodies for post-translational protein silencing

15:30 Debora Napoli Experience-dependent DNA methylation regulates plasticity in the developing visual cortex _______________________________________________________________________________ Wensday 19th March 2014

10:30 Luca Pandolfini Epigenetic control of embrionic stem cell priming


11:00 Marco Terrigno Translational control of COUP-TF1, a key transcription factor of mouse cortical arealization


11:30 Claudia Alia The neurophysiology of the mouse motor cortex: plasticity after stroke     _____________________________________________________________________________


Area della Ricerca CNR, Building B, Entrance 22, 2nd Floor Istituto di Neuroscienze, Seminar Room