Neurosciences PhD Program 2016/2017 – Call for Aplications


We are pleased to consider motivated applicants for the SNS PhD Neurosciences Program.

General Information

Applications for the PhD Program can only be submitted electronically. Applicants must fill out  the online application form (registration required). Deadline for the 2016/2017 Neurosciences PhD Program are as follows:

  • 15 March 2016 for the spring session
  • 31 August 2016 for the autumn session
Total available posts: 5

Posts not assigned at the first session will be assigned at the second session. Please consider that there are some formal requirements and a formal procedure to apply. Application by e-mail cannot be accepted. All winners will receive scholarships and further funding for their study and research activities. Course enrolment and attendance are free of charge.

Visit the following pages to find additional info:
Why a SNS Neurosciences PhD Program
Application Procedures
Evaluation of Applications
Scholarship and Contributions