Bio@SNS Symposium Series: I Nothobranchius Symposium

From bush to bench: 10 years of Nothobranchius furzeri as a model system in biology

6-8 February 2014

Sala Azzurra, Palazzo della Carovana
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

The Symposium will cover all aspects of Nothobranchius biology from the molecular to the integrative level:
Genome, Transcriptome and Transgenesis
Cell Biology, Diapause and Regeneration
Anatomy and Pathology
Metabolism and Behaviour
Evolution and Ecology


List of confirmed speakers:
Alessandro Cellerino (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, Italy)
Christoph Englert (Fritz Lipmann Institute for Age Research, Jena, Germany)
Christel LeFrançois (LIttoral ENvironnement et Sociétés (LIENSs) – UMR 7266- La Rochelle, France)
Alejandro Lucas-Sánchez (Laboratory of Chronobiology, University of Murcia, Spain)
Matthias Platzer (Fritz Lipmann Institute for Age Research, Jena, Germany)
Martin Reichard (Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Brno, Czech Republic)
Giacomo Rossi (Dept. of Veterinary Sciences, University of Camerino, Italy)
Manfred Schartl (University of Würzburg, Germany)
Dario Valenzano (Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Cologne, Germany)

Registration deadline: applications form must be received by Wednesday, January 15, 2014