Research Projects


    In the short term the Bio@SNS Laboratory of Biology is involved in the research projects summarized below.
      1. Steering the differentiation fate of embryonic stem cells: a microRNA approach (Federico Cremisi)
      2. Synaptic plasticity in the visual system (Matteo Caleo and Tommaso Pizzorusso)
      3. Biology of ageing in the newly established Notobranchius furzeri model (Alessandro Cellerino)
      4. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease and possible translation to human AD (Simona Capsoni and Antonino Cattaneo)
      5. Towards NGF-based therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (Antonino Cattaneo and Simona Capsoni)
      6. Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in α-synucleopathy (Emanuela Colla)
      7. NGF and pain, in the rare genetic diseases HSAN IV and HSAN V (hereditary Sensory and Autonomic neuropathy type IV and type V) (Simona Capsoni)
      8. Chromatin remodelling, and intranasal nano delivery  approaches for brain tumor and Rett syndrome treatments (Mario Costa)
      9. Intrabodies for neuronal and synaptic function (Antonino Cattaneo)
      10. Epigenetic control of gene expression regulates cortical plasticity (Tommaso Pizzorusso)
      11. Biosensors development and virus-like particles reengineering to study Tau misfolding and neurodegeneration mechanisms (Cristina Di Primio)